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Video filming

At the request of the client, Mugham Ojaghi Restaurant offers services of video filming and professional video editing of HD, DVCAM, Full HD for birthdays, engagement, wedding ceremonies and khinayakhdi.


Photo session

Mugham Ojaghi Restaurant offers you a photo session. At your request, a photo session is organized in different places, at the end the client is provided with a disc and a panoramic album.


Beauty salon

Do you want to look great on a special day? You can entrust our specialists with bride decoration, hairstyle for special occasions, hair colouring, refle, shading, ombre, manicure, pedicure, etc. services.

Hall decoration

Mugham Ojaghi Restaurant offers you a catalogue for decorating the hall for any taste.



If you want to admire a small firework at your event, our restaurant offers also this service.


Rain of firecrackers and ballons

Firecrackers launched on the bride and groom entering the hall or guests, balloons filled with special gas, will give the salon a special beauty. Our task is to organize all this at your event.

Mani-tier cake

Cakes of various designs, offered by famous confectionery companies, who we cooperate with and made especially for you, will please your guests. Here you can also order cakes of any size.

Live music

Mugham Ojaghi Restaurant always gives you live music. We will invite any singer whom you want to see at your event. If only your soul wants music. For Mugham Ojaghi this is a common occurrence.



To make your holiday even more interesting, we offer you national, oriental and other diverse dance groups.



At events organized for children, cheery clowns will entertain and amuse them and double their joy.